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Given the varying course set up and a number of temporary greens in play during the winter months general play scores cannot be submitted.
For scores to be acceptable for handicap, no more than 2 temporary greens are allowed to
be used and if the length of the course has been increased or decreased by more than 100 yards for an 18-hole round or 50 yards for a 9-hole round, the adjustments to the Course Rating and Slope Rating set out in Appendix G of the Rules of Handicapping must be applied.

Graham Sharp
Match Secretary

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27.01.2022 07:50
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A Dangerous tree has been felled behind 5th green. today we are playing to the 5th winter green and 6 winter tee has been moved to the top of the hill on the left of the green. Buggies can use the path then turn towards the tee after the bunker.
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