Dress Code


Dress Code

The Club has traditional values but is also aware that a modern view needs to be accepted with regard to the dress code. The Committee’s aim is to maintain a friendly, accessible and relaxed atmosphere but still maintain a high standard of presentation.

We respectfully ask members and visitors to respect our dress code whilst both on the Course and on the Club premises, please do not put our staff in a position where it is necessary to draw your attention to our policy.


The Dress Code in the Clubhouse does not apply to Children under 12 year’s old.

In the clubhouse

Acceptable                                                                                     Not  Acceptable

Smart casual dress including                                                      Tracksuits / Shell Suits / T Shirts

Smart Denim                                                                                  Rugby / Cricket / Football shirts

Sandals / Deck shoes                                                                   Combat / Camouflage trousers

Clean Training Shoes                                                                   Flip Flops / Beachwear

Socks ideally to be worn                                                             Caps / Hats                  

                                                                                                        Waterproof Jackets and/or Trousers


On the course

Men are requested to wear smart collared shirts/polo shirts/golf designed shirts, golfing footwear must be worn, tailored shorts with any length of sports sock are acceptable Ladies are allowed to wear capped or sleeveless tee shirts with the provision of smart tops allowable outside skirts/shorts and trousers.

The following are NOT acceptable on the course:-

Tracksuits - Shell Suits


Running shoes

Rugby - Cricket - Football Shirts or Shorts.

Denim Jeans

Combat - Camouflage Shorts or Trousers.

Unless medical conditions apply and are advised to staff.


FINALLY, MEMBERS are reminded not to challenge other members/visitors regarding the dress code but to report to the appropriate member of staff who will discuss it with the offender. The bar staff have been instructed not to serve anyone and the Professional not to let anyone onto the course who is incorrectly dressed.

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